Sabahans are weak in english??

been in UiTM sabah for some weeks now, and hell its like uhm, you know.. typical boring government university.

The curfews were as usual.. as fuck as always. We have this 'kawad kaki' which is a must for us freshmen. Uhh, i don't want to say more cause it makes my brain itch.

Language class were great. I enjoy learning foreign languages as well as english. Anyway, there were this business people wandering in our campus this past few days promoting this so-called language kits to improve our english. They said if we buy this product, in 3 weeks we can speak like a native speaker. hahahaha.

I saw one of the businessman ask one of our student and shockingly he say this to him "i would say, your pronunciation is quite bad, but with this kit, there's no doubt that you'll speak like a native speaker in no time".

Seriously, for me.. I don't believe in such crap since they speak MALAY while promoting this stuff!! haha. How can they convince us that their pronunciations were as great as what they promised through that kit of theirs? Seriously. haha. YES, they did interviewed me too. A lady start to call me, "boy, sini kau.." haha. malay.

Then she started to ask me, "how many language can u speak toilet?". Then I said, "ce suo (as in mandarin), banyo (as in tagalog), toilette (as in french), toire (as in japan, and tandas (as in malay)". Then, shockingly, she said.. "no, no, no.. see how uneducated you are in english." . Seriously, i'm in the state of confusion. Then she said something in malay sabah, "apa ayat lain yg kau boleh sebut tandas selain dari TOILET in english?". haha. Then I was, "OHHHHHHHH. you mean like toilet / lavatory / bathroom / restroom / powder room / gents / ladies / loo / bog / dunny / little boys'/girls' room??". Then she was like, "yeahhh". then she went speechless for a while. haha.

She was totally so wrong when she said 'how many language'. I would ask, is it me or you who is uneducated? bitch. I was so pissed with that bitch. haha.

Since they heard me speaking in an american accent, they said this to me. American English is informal and we sound like a typical Malaysian when we spoke that way. haha. I know American English is informal, but when they said typical Malaysian?? uhh, they don't even sound like me when they try to speak english. She sounds more like someone who tries to put an accent in their malaysian accent english. LAME. totally lame. Then I did mentioned that Malaysian Education system is currently using British english and everyone knows that. But then, they object my statement once again. They said, Malaysian people mostly use the American english, the BROKEN ENGLISH. Isn't the broken english was supposed to be malaysian english? we knew that right.

They even asked me to say picturesque, bureau, lacroix and debris. And of course i can say them correctly. Then i tried to ask them what's the correct pronunciation for lingerie? ( I pretended not to know) And frustratingly, they say 'lin-je-ri'.. ouch, it was supposed to sound 'lan-ZHREE'. Then, i said, "OHHH, begitu pula KAK, thankiu lah." For motherfuckingsake, I think these stupid so-called business people should get an english class.

P/S: I remembered one of the say, "we datang jaoh-jaoh dari semenanjong nak bagi pandai orang sabah tau. Kite tengok banyak orang sabah tak leh cakap english ngan betui."

To be fuckingly honest, I am offended.



February 19, 2010 at 3:57 AM

lol dude im am as pissed as u are with the promoter thinggy...maybe they themself need to buy the stuff and learn how to speak proper english well.....but yeah i found one of the linguaphone pakages near the toilet and i tought there's somebody are stupid enough to buy these thing...lol....what a waste of money....


February 21, 2010 at 1:15 AM

yea. totally agree with u :)
hey, where's ur blog :) maybe i can come there and give u a visit :)